• Development

    At the moment, two development stages are happening at the same time.

    • As requested, I’m working on the implementation of sharing the data. It will be possible to share the data on Facebook, Google+ or email.

      Scroll down to see an example of the generated image.
    • The second big step is a huge modification of the entire application.
      The link below will show you the storyboard for the modifications planned.
    Share on Facebook
    Example for to radix

    Storyboard as PDF

    [ Herunterladen ]

  • History

    V 2.2.2

    • In-App-Billing optimized

     V 2.2.0

    • Optimized Facebook integration

     V 2.0.5

    • Massive rewrite.
    • Now with personalized sharing.


  • Tips / Ideas

    You can contribute to the software. We look forward to your hints and your feature-requests. Click on the icon to contribute your idea and vote on ideas which have already been submitted.

  • Found an error?

    Sorry! We apologize for any errors in the software. Please let us know what the problem is and we will solve it asap.

    Thank you for you helping us to improve the App.

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